Your Smartphone Camera Might be all you need

Many new, aspiring photographers often worry about which camera is best for them and how much money they will have to spend to get their gear. Often times, these photographers have never even experienced the basics of photography. That is why I always suggest to new photographers that they use their smartphone camera first, because that might be all they need.

Your Phone is Always With You

For any casual photographer, a smartphone camera is perfect because it is always with you. You can’t always carry a large DSLR or even a mirrorless camera system with you if you are not a full-time photographer, so a smartphone camera comes in handy more often than not.

The Technology is Improving a Lot

Smartphone cameras these days have improved so much over their predecessors that it’s almost unbelievable. With their wide apertures, fast shutters, manual controls, and dual lenses on the same phone, smartphone cameras are very capable of taking some amazing looking shots with not a lot of work.

Apps are always Accessible

Once you have taken your shot, a smartphone allows you to instantly edit them before shooting them off to Instagram or 500px. From the excellent Snapseed that lets you edit JPEG files to your heart’s content to Lightroom that allows you to take RAW images from your phone and make masterpieces out of them, easily accessible image editors are one of the biggest reasons why you might be happy shooting just with your phone rather than investing in an expensive system.